What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), in more common terms, telephone service over the internet. With a reasonable internet quality connection, this technology will allow a user to make phone calls through a broadband connection.

Our Services

Enterprise Phone System at Small Business Prices. Our VoIP technology offers all the features of a big business and we gear them to small businesses.  Give us a call for a quote. 1 (844) 548-8647


A solid Network Infrastructure requires a solid foundation.  With this ideal, a network should be solid and stable for any company to operate their computers, and in our case our VoIP Phone System.  Our certified professional engineers work as a team to come up with the best network plan, for security, stability, and Quality of Service for VoIP.

Allow us to provide a free consultation and presentation on the hardware of routers, switches, and type of wiring will best fit your office.


Basic 2 & 3 Line VoIP Phones

Grandstream GXP1620 & GXP2130
The GXP1620/1625 is Grandstream’s standard IP phone for small businesses. This Linux-based, 2-line IP Phone includes 3-way conferencing to keep workers in-touch and productive.

Color Display & Call Center VoIP Phones

Grandstream GXP2140 & GXP2160
A versatile Enterprise IP phone, the GXP2140 supports 4 lines, includes Gigabit ports and is compatible with Grandstream’s GXP2200 LCD extension module (GXP2200 EXT) making it ideal for receptionists and users who handle high call volumes.

Color Display & Call Center VoIP Phones

Grandstream GXP2170
Our most powerful Enterprise IP phone, the GXP2170 supports up to 12 lines and 6 SIP accounts. It’s ideal for users who handle call volumes as it includes 48 on-screen digital BLF/speed-dial keys and supports up to four of Grandstream’s GXP2200EXT Module.



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